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    "Everyone who is famous sucked a dick to get where they are today. The only difference between us and them? We swallowed it!"
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    breeze still carries the sound
    maybe i'll disappear
    tracks will fade in the snow
    you won't find me here

    ice is starting to form
    ending what had begun
    i am locked in my head
    with what i've done
    i know you tried to rescue me
    didn't let anyone get in
    left with a trace of all that was
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far away from me
    i am
    the two of us
    were never meant to be
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me
    gone fading everything
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far as you can see
    i am
    and happiness and peace of mind
    were never meant for me
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me

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How to get tons of hits on your blog…

Posted by yunahalo on January 9, 2007

It doesn’t really matter what you have to say, as long as you have lots of hits…

1. In The News:
Make sure you have every word or phrase that is in the news at the time. It doesn’t matter if it has anything to do with your blog, just make sure you throw them in. That way, you don’t have to have an opinion, but people will search and find you anyways. A good example would be including such a phrase as ‘Saddam’s Execution’, ‘Saddam Hanging’, or ‘Saddam Death Video’. Also, include horribly misspelled versions of the subject like ‘Sadam’ or ‘exacution’. This is my current example because all you sick freaks are searching it. You won’t find the video here, but i’ll sure get your hit!

2a. Celebrities:
Everyone loves Hollywood. Everyone wants to know everything about ‘The Life’. No one likes to mind their own business. Throw in popular names such as ‘Paris Hilton’, ‘Britney Spears’ or ‘Angelina Jolie’. Also, include other things that may lead to ‘interesting’ searches such as ‘sex video’, ‘nude’ or ‘no panties’. You’re sure to have many unpleased people, but hey, they are just one more number for your collection.
2b. Porn:
The above additions make the beginings for this catagory. As I have just discovered, a large amount of my hits is actually people looking for porn. I’ll make it more fun for the perverts by including such favorites as ‘semen’, ‘tits’, ‘pussy’ and ‘fucking’. That oughta shake things up. How interesting. I guess throw in the word ‘YouTube’ as well.

3. Everything Else:
Try to include every possible word in the dictionary that you can possibly imagine. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not, just get those random words in. can help get you started. Let me set the mood: Murder, Assassin, Computer, Slave, Cola, Preps, Punk Rock, Emo Fag, Dog Poop. Fun. Oh yeah, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360… HALO 3!

Also, try to make sure every post is tagged by all the popular tags. That way when someone is looking for World News, they will find your blog about your rabbit, Mr. Fluffers. He’s world news, isn’t he? Oh, and don’t forget to throw in ‘I hate myspace’…. it get’s TONS of hits.

I hope you enjoyed my little helpful guide. May the SPAM gods bless my little soul. Many future hits to you.
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This has been a public service announcement… brought to you by


6 Responses to “How to get tons of hits on your blog…”

  1. Chris said

    very informative, thanks for sharing. cheers

  2. Yuna, you know, I’m a top blogger my own ways. Nah, not really, but you seem to have missed me, so I must be good for something. Meh, work sucks bawls. Kinda like Myspace in a way.

  3. dontbother said

    Yes, I know I’m totally giving in and giving -you- a hit (and a comment!) by doing this, but I found this post deathly funny. Note to self,

  4. ummadam said

    u r hysterical!

  5. yunahalo said

    I know, I can’t stand it sometimes…

  6. aMmAr said

    i can so relte to it….

    NSFW sells n it gets u hits

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