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    "Everyone who is famous sucked a dick to get where they are today. The only difference between us and them? We swallowed it!"
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    breeze still carries the sound
    maybe i'll disappear
    tracks will fade in the snow
    you won't find me here

    ice is starting to form
    ending what had begun
    i am locked in my head
    with what i've done
    i know you tried to rescue me
    didn't let anyone get in
    left with a trace of all that was
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far away from me
    i am
    the two of us
    were never meant to be
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me
    gone fading everything
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far as you can see
    i am
    and happiness and peace of mind
    were never meant for me
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me

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Why I hate High School kids.

Posted by yunahalo on January 29, 2007

After numerous (zero) requests to FINALLY air my hate story on high-schoolers, I finally decided to tell all. To make this easy, I’ll break down the little ‘social’ groups and elaborate on each one.

Preps: Yes, the ‘I have money and that means I’m sooo better than you’ type. These little bitchy characters really have a mighter-than-thou thought process. They all think they are horribly attractive… only because they spend all morning covering their faces with makeup to cover the zits and ugliness. Have you ever seen one of these girls without makeup? I did, one time. I didn’t even recognize her. It was that bad. Then these little girls beg their mommies to take them to that shady street in Houston to by designer ‘seconds’. No, Louis Vuitton does NOT make seconds. Why would they sell a $2,000 purse for $80? Because you are just stupid enough to buy them. You aren’t better than me. You just wish you were. The best part about these types is when they ‘grow up’. Yes. They have 2345346 kids, 124 divorces and weigh about the same as both those numbers multiplied. You stupid whore. Oh, and they lyyyyyykkkkee?, talk with lyyyyyyykkkeee?, every other woooorrrrrrddd? all drawn ouutttttt? like they are questions. That is not hot. Go get a brain.

Jocks: Yeah, you think you are something big because you play a sport. OMG!11!! No. Sports is not a job. Only a very small amount of athletes make a living out of their sport. These dumbasses aren’t one of them. Teachers give them breaks on grades because jocks work so hard to make the school proud. Go you. It’s obvious they don’t need a real education, they are gonna go pro and being smart makes no difference in the sports world. How exciting. Also, jocks have this bad habit of being horribly rude, fat, and very disrespectful. They also enjoy having tons of sex. Because what girl doesn’t want to lay a 350 pound pizza face 15 year old? He totally scored the winning point last week, why shouldn’t he score you? Go team go.

Sluts: Myspace anyone? All I’ll say here is there is NOTHING sexy about a flat chested 15 year old girl with too much makeup and not enough clothes. Unless you are a pedophile. Yes, I hope a flood of pedophiles get all you little whores. And I hope they eat you.

Thugs: Ugh. Yeah. Let’s see how to approach this one. You ain’t no ghetto-blasting gangster. I DON’T CARE that you have a bandana. I could care less if it’s red or blue. You aren’t in a gang. You aren’t cool. You definately have no business trying to fight a girl (me) because I think you are a child molesting idiot. Oh, and you little ‘gangster-ettes’, learn some manners. Running people over in the hall is not very lady like. Real thugs like their hoes to be well behaved. Don’t be steppin’ out of line fo’ you get smacked. I can’t wait for you all to die in your make believe ghetto violence. The only thing you and real thugs have in common is the government housing you live in and the food stamps you eat with. Get a job.

Bullies: One reason to go back to school. Yes. I HATE bullies. In fact, after I graduated, I would go back to the high school and scare the crap out of the people bullying my family and friends. I’d really LOVE to put all these jerks in their place. They have NO right trying to tell others what to do. Or pushing them around. Or anything else. Who needs violence when I have words. Good words. It’s called being clever… I should teach a class. Yes. I like that idea. There is no better insult than ‘Yo Momma’. That always gets them.

Quiet Kids: Just SAY SOMETHING. Being shy and quiet is NOT cute. Especially when you need a pen or something. I know you heard me ask. You aren’t deaf. Just give me a pen.

Band Nerds: JESUS CHRIST. So what… you play an instrument. Now it’s time to form a tight group of other band tards and act better than everyone else. Talk about Jesus then go have sex. Then talk to Jesus about you having sex. Then cry. Let all your little band freaks comfort you. Don’t talk to anyone else. Unless you are ‘trying’ to insult them. Their sheltered little bubble doesn’t allow for much outside interaction… so they know not that their ‘insult’ is really the funniest thing you’ve heard all week. Hey, why don’t you go outside or something? Make a new friend. Like ME.

OoOoOo ‘Badass’ Kids: Yeah, the kids in black. How creepy! They lyke, totally freak me out! OnG!1!!1!324! Annnnndddd, lyke one time that kid ate a BUG!!!1!1 Umm, that’s about the most retarded thing I have ever heard. These kids like to act all ‘spooky’ so people ask questions. Or don’t ask questions, but rather spread rumors about them. These ‘badass’ kids LOVE it when people say they are witches or satan worshipers… Then go on and on about how they don’t care what people think. They are just being themself. Yes. Because you were born wearing black with chains and spikes and freakishly retarded hair cuts. That is so you. Ya know what? I know tons of these kids, and I can personally tell you it’s all a scam. They just want attention, duh.

Well, there you have it. I hope everyone has learned something important today. And don’t forget, everyone is a loser, in their own special way. That is all.

34 Responses to “Why I hate High School kids.”

  1. Alec said

    Hey I was a quiet bandnerd who sat in the back. Im not a band nerd but am quiet and sit in the back. it makes me sexy and “mysterious”, or creepy. I dunno which. I think it’s creepy, but I dunno. So stop making fun of people…damnit.

  2. i think you forgot white trash

  3. 😦 I feel ignored and unforgiving now. All fucking day all I’ve wanted was to see what you’ve all written me and now I come home, tired and all and NOTHING. Meh..Why is I too bother?

  4. yunahalo said

    Awww, I tried! I wrote like 4 things yesterday! 😦 I is dumbass.

    Rags, whitetrash owns, duh. Nah, I really forgot alot of things… but this was getting entirely too long.

    Alec, NO.

  5. i was kind of insulting you. darling.

  6. Alec said


  7. You’re not witty. Hey, maybe you should categorize yourself. There’s always those people who bitch and whine about things all day trying to be really witty and cool. Grow up.
    Also, W.T.F is “I could care less”? It’s I couldn’t care less. Because, you COULDN’T CARE LESS. Unless I completely missed the point of your self-loving, everyone-else-loathing , and you actually COULD care less!? Ohhhmyyyyygooddddd!

  8. parasol said

    Josh, we are beyond the realm of white trash. We’re just ‘trash’.

  9. yunahalo said

    your parents hate you, awww, did I hurt your feelings? I’m *so* sorry… no really. And you really think I love myself and hate anyone else? Wow… I guess you pegged me right on, you stoopid high school emo fag. Oh, and I am witty and cool, duh, but it’s funny how you mention it even though I never claimed to be either. I’m a grown up as well, so telling me to ‘grow up’ is useless. Since I don’t need that advice, how about you take it. Awww, I’m nice cuz I share.

  10. Melissa said

    i noticed you didn’t say anyhting about the fat kids that arnt jocks or the christians or the grunge kids or the goth kids or the emos kids???? if your going to sterotype and fit everyone into boxes, lets give everyone a box… eh?

  11. yunahalo said

    I know! I said earlier that I left out many people, only because it was getting so freakin long… Maybe I’ll write a part 2 one day… Oh, and when I was in high school, there were no emo kids. It wasn’t trendy yet, ya know.

  12. Piece of Illegal Mexican Shit said

    hey you little shit just because you have money you think that you are better than poor people and that you can walk all over poor people you spoiled brat you have no clue what it is to be like as a poor person you little bitch

  13. Piece of Illegal Mexican Shit said

    mexcian rule fuck whitetrash

  14. yunahalo said

    You are a smart one, huh? I’ve NEVER HAD MONEY MY INTIRE LIFE! Go back to Mexico you piece of illegal garbage. I think it’s hilarious I offended you! HAHAHA… mission accomplished.

  15. yunahalo said

    Oh, and I took the honor of giving you name, since you left that part out…

  16. ekkin said

    hahahaha, Sarah, since you have so much money, can you loan me some. Well, it’s more giving than loaning since I have no intention of paying you back.

  17. Hey; shit head! Yeah, you mexican slut. FUCK OFF. Wanna mock someone with a lot of money? Come here. Yeah. I work my fucking arse of to have money, you piece of shit. Wanna have money? GET A FUCKING JOB. Fuck. Is it really that hard to figure out? O..wanna get a job? DON’T FUCK UP AT SCHOOL. Either shut the fuck up and do something about it or piss off. I’m fucking tired of you social parasites. Don’t go assuming you know my friends. YOU KNOW NOTHING. Blah. Oh: and it’s spelled M-E-X-I-C-A-N. Here you go. Spelling you own goddamn nationality shouldn’t really be that hard. That’ll be 5 bucks FYI.

  18. Goorin said

    What a bunch of angry wankers. It’s great that you’ve found a comeback that you love, but just because some one realises that you’re a jerk doesn’t mean that you’ve offended them.

  19. yunahalo said

    Aww, you’re so high school…

  20. Goorin said

    “Aww”, and what part of it exactly was so high school? Being condescending like that is SEW LYK HIGHSCHOOL LAWL! So stop being a hypocritical little ass.
    Sooner or later you’re going to have to realise that you’re a moron.

  21. Goorin: I don’t like you. And I think you are being High School by hiding behind an unknown nick, and then bitching like a spoilt little girl. Either get over it or fuck off. I’m so tired of people being complete cunts just because they feel better then others. Leave Yuna alone, you arsehole, and write your own fucking blog.

  22. Goorin said

    That “unknown nick” is my surname, douche bag.

    “I’m so tired of people being complete s just because they feel better then others.”
    – then why are you friends with this “Yuna” dickface? You lame emo minge.

  23. Ok then, dipshit. Man, that’s an ugly surname, sorry about that, no wonder you’re bitter.. Oh, and Yuna is fun and nice, unlike certain others. But I kinda like you now, due to the use of the word minge. It’s funny. Thanks of reminding me of that fine word, Goorin. Maybe you won’t be such an arsehole from now on:)

  24. Oh, and one more thing, I can’t be fucked to argue with you anymore. I’m trying to be good. And thumbs up on the emo-thing!! Have a nice day/night/evening.. or a nice life, depending on if you’re going to stick around!

  25. Goorin said

    Goorin is actually a pretty common name, so if that’s the best insult you’ve got then kudos. I think it’s 110% better than “Yuna”. Fun and nice? He/she/it has a blog filled with melancholy rants about how much he/she/it hates everything. I mean “Yuna” must have gotten picked on like hell in high school to be so hateful about it. I think I’d prefer that the kids actually go to high school and get an education rather then spend their life bitching about mindless .

  26. yunahalo said

    It seems you forgot to finish your sentence… Oh, and obviously I’m a she… if you KNOW my blog is full of ‘melancholy rants about how much he/she/it hates everything’ then you’d defiantly know that I am a female… but wait, you haven’t read any of it, you pulled that assessment out of your ass. Way to be brilliant, MORON.

  27. Be nice. For fucks sake. I’m tired. Good night, Goorin. And Yuns. I is tired.

  28. yunahalo said

    You hear that GOORIN? Be NICE. Oh, and yes, who doesn’t want a name everyone else in the world has? Your name is common? Well, good for you. Don’t stray from the heard… My name? Only 2 others have it, a video game character and a porn star. WooT.

  29. Anonymous said


  30. ANYONYMOUS said


  31. yunahalo said

    Wow, you are so cool… no really. You are.

  32. Justan said

    I agree with all the groups you listed, except for the quiet kids. I was one of them, not because I thought it was cute but because there was really no one worth talking to at my high-school except for the teachers. You should make a part two though.

  33. you all suck and i hate you. High School is over you dumb asses – kids are kids – were you bullied – get the fuck over it. Want to feel good about having been bullied go to your local low paying job and look at all the people who were mean to you working there. It makes you feel better and get the fuck over it.

  34. miiey cyurs angela love and week and fun time and

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