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Virginia apologizes for slavery… I’m not kidding…

Posted by yunahalo on February 24, 2007

Yes, the entire state decided to apologize to the ‘african americans’ for slavery… That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The blacks were out of slavery YEARS ago… there are NO SLAVES LEFT. Why apologize to people that weren’t slaves at all? Oh yeah, because their great great auntie’s stepfather’s grandpa was one. Really, who comes up with this crap?

(story from Yahoo! News)

RICHMOND, Va. – Meeting on the grounds of the former Confederate Capitol, the Virginia General Assembly voted unanimously Saturday to express “profound regret” for the state’s role in slavery.

Sponsors of the resolution say they know of no other state that has apologized for slavery, although Missouri lawmakers are considering such a measure. The resolution does not carry the weight of law but sends an important symbolic message, supporters said.

“This session will be remembered for a lot of things, but 20 years hence I suspect one of those things will be the fact that we came together and passed this resolution,” said Delegate A. Donald McEachin, a Democrat who sponsored it in the House of Delegates.

The resolution passed the House 96-0 and cleared the 40-member Senate on a unanimous voice vote. It does not require Gov. Timothy M. Kaine’s approval.

The measure also expressed regret for “the exploitation of Native Americans.”

The resolution was introduced as Virginia begins its celebration of the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, where the first Africans arrived in 1619. Richmond, home to a popular boulevard lined with statues of Confederate heroes, later became another point of arrival for Africans and a slave-trade hub.

The resolution says government-sanctioned slavery “ranks as the most horrendous of all depredations of human rights and violations of our founding ideals in our nation’s history, and the abolition of slavery was followed by systematic discrimination, enforced segregation, and other insidious institutions and practices toward Americans of African descent that were rooted in racism, racial bias, and racial misunderstanding.”

In Virginia, black voter turnout was suppressed with a poll tax and literacy tests before those practices were struck down by federal courts, and state leaders responded to federally ordered school desegregation with a “Massive Resistance” movement in the 1950s and early ’60s. Some communities created exclusive whites-only schools.

The apology is the latest in a series of strides Virginia has made in overcoming its segregationist past. Virginia was the first state to elect a black governor — L. Douglas Wilder in 1989 — and the Legislature took a step toward atoning for Massive Resistance in 2004 by creating a scholarship fund for blacks whose schools were shut down between 1954 and 1964.

Among those voting for the measure was Delegate Frank D. Hargrove, an 80-year-old Republican who infuriated black leaders last month by saying “black citizens should get over” slavery.

After enduring a barrage of criticism, Hargrove successfully co-sponsored a resolution calling on Virginia to celebrate “Juneteenth,” a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

111 Responses to “Virginia apologizes for slavery… I’m not kidding…”

  1. UNreal,stupid,disgrace. Who is in charge of this once southern state…….carpetbaggers and marxist. What a shame.

  2. Jane said

    If you have never endured injustice, discrimination, hatred, segregation, murder, attacks against self worth and self esteem — all of these and even more negative ones are fruits of slavery and the mentality and legacy it left to people who were freed; however freedom came late. Did you know that people in the deep south were in bondage long after slavery was legally abolished? Apologizing for man’s inhumanity to man is the beginning of understanding. It is a wise thing to do. To accept the apology is a Christian or Christ like thing to do!

  3. Mike said

    I’m tired of this BS where America has to keep apologizing !! This is 2007 … get over it !! African-Americans have so much more opportunity in this country than the majority around the world. What more does it take ??!!

  4. Susan said

    Shouldn’t “African Americans” be apologizing for slavery as well, being their ancestors in Africa sold one another to the white slave traders? As for me, none of my ancestors owned slaves so I am offended by this apology crap! And instead of whining about the past, people should be thankful they were born in and live in this country…they could be in Africa had it not been for slavery, and some of them wouldn’t have even been born had their ancestors not been brought over here. Think about it….the only people in this country who have a right to complain are the American Indians. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

  5. Anonymous said

    i guess the afros should be glad they didn’t get the same treatment the american indians got. if they had there would be noone to apopogize to. come on get over it. slavery has been gone a looong time and we are still paying for it. welfare paid for by the tax payer mostly caucasin. housing paid for by the taxpayer while they go out and sell drugs rob pay no taxes
    saw a bit on balto tv the other day about a black landlord that keeps his own in poverty. now thats stickin together.keep the blackman down they say and they are doing it to themselves.

  6. Anonymous said

    i am ashamed to say i live in virginia now…donald mceachin needs to be voted out. obviously the entire state of virgina doesn’t like him because he ran for attorney general i believe and got his butt kicked. im sick of all his crap about how he and other fellow blacks are still suffering. the rest of the state has moved on mceachin so you should too!!! this is bull crap and i only hope we get to vote on this (which i doubt) because i defiently would not vote for it just like i am not voting for “juneteenth”.

  7. Richard Arthur said

    Perhaps if Al Gore, while picking up his PC Oscar, can tie in the smoke from all the battles of the Civil War to global warming, then he can demand “RESTITUTION for African-Americans and my god the Earth!!!. And vote for me in ’12” from all us horrible Euros.At the current clip,America is done for as a “power”. One hundred years from now, when “Allah Akbar” is minted on our coins, and the Durbin Office building has secretaries wearing burkhas,maybe someone will look back and say “What the hell happened?” By the way, did “Sheets” Byrd agree to the vote?

  8. Anonymous said

    I think the slave owners should apoligize to the slaves.I’ll even set up the event.Just bring the owners and the slaves together and and have a group hug.When are we going to stop trying to pick the fly shit outta the black pepper and start worring about something that really matters?

  9. CJ said

    It appears that the state of Virginia is run by a bunch of nitwits.

  10. gary said

    I agree, apologize for what Hitory and the progression of civilization, good grief the current black should think God for slavery as as a race thaey are much better off having gone throuugh slavery

  11. Anonymous said

    I don’t get why everybody is so bothered by the Virginia state government for apologizing for slavery. I think we can all agree that slavery is wrong. Aren’t we all sorry slavery happened? Who cares how long ago it was. It affected a lot of people in Virginia now, 100+ years later, the Virginia State government is declaring that they are sorry. That’s all.

    If that bothers you so much than consider yourself lucky. If such a simple, kind, and Christian gesture throws your world into a tizzy–than you probably have a fabulous life and should go ahead and count your blessings instead of being a loudmouth on the internet.

  12. Anonymous said

    The blacks should be embarassed about this more than any other group. The Virginia officials are just bowing to political pressure from arrogant blacks, who still don’t want to be part of our country. They want more handouts and special treatment because they are black. They don’t want equal treatment!

  13. Dave Rotthoff said

    The descendants of the Blacks and Arabs in Africa who captured the people sold as slaves should be the ones to apologize. At that point in history, slavery was an accepted practive. Still is, in places….the Arabian Peninsula as an example. I’m proud of my ancestors who fought for the Union because they believed slavery to be a bad thing. Of course, I’m also proud of my ancestors who served the Confederacy because they believed in states’ rights. But I’m damned if I’ll apologize for slavery. Nor am I willing to present the Afro-Americans with a bill for what it cost to fight the Civil War and end slavery. It just needed to be ended, and if we had to spend a lot of money and lives to end that wrong, then the cost was worth it. But apologize…..NEVER!

  14. Anonymous said

    I would rather see Portugal, Africa, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Great Britain, and Italy apologize for slavery in the US than the morons in Virginia.

    When are they going to apologize for the civil war, tabacco, global warming, stupid state slogans, and voting for Jimmy Carter?

  15. Anonymous said

    Let them go back to Africa. What will they find there?????? Yes Slavery was wrong I have to agree, but what are we suppose to do now. I was not there and don’t owe any negro anything. Get over it and indure. All of us Cubans have. Castro has treated us worst than any Nigger can imagine. We have been called spics and many other worst names and have survived communism. Get on with your life and stop begging like any one owes you anything!!! Try hard and I’m sure you will do better here than if you were sent back to Africa the hell hole that you came from. Peace brothers and sisters.

  16. Frank said

    As Delegate Frank D. Hargrove said – get over it. It’s ancient history. If you dwell on the past you can’t get over it.
    “This session will be remembered for a lot of things…” mostly how hokey it is.

  17. jayct said

    I am a Christian and we were trown to the Lions. Nobody has ever apologized to us. I would rather pick cotton and go on welfare.

  18. Quantel said

    Im tired of people saying that African Americans should get over slavey , i mean honestly how does 400 years of physical bondayafe go a way in 150 years, I think many blacks have not been trated for post tractice slave syndrome

  19. Mr. "G" said

    Mr “G” said they can go back to AFRICA or maybe even Cuba. I like to see what they would complain about there. I don’t think anyone will give a shit. They will get eaten up by Lions or hung by Castro! They talk to much shit in this country. That’s the whole problem. Racial profiling works, no such thing as physically challenged or handicapped— they are cripples. They are not mentally challenged, they are F&^%$% Retarded. Stop being politically correct, every other country is laughing there balls off at the STUPID AMERICANS. ACLU are all FAGGOTS. Please keep America strong. Blend in or get the F&%R%^ out.

  20. Anonymous said

    Slavery is a bad thing that happened a long time ago. Civilization has grown and changed so much since then. It’s a part of history that we should learn from but the apologizing makes no sense to me. Who is alive today that had anything to do with it?? That is crazy.

  21. yunahalo said

    Quantel, Do us all a favor and invest in a spell checker of some sort. You really can’t make an impact on people with spelling that horrible.

  22. Mark said

    I read some of the comments and opinions of people weighing in on the step Virgina law makers took and while it`s a step in the right direction, the responses, exemplify why their is so much turmoil in the world; hatred and racism is alive an well, in america. and unless those on their high moral and self righteous horses, find common ground with other ethinicites, this world is doomed to destruction, can`t we all, just get along ?

  23. Phil said

    I agree with the statement that this apology crap has to stop. History shows that thousands, tens of thousands of Africans were caught and captured by fellow Africans and sold to slave traders. Yet, Jesse Jackson and his kind don’t feel it necessary to demand of African nations an apology. Why? It’s because African nations (1) wouldn’t put up with it and (2) they wouldn’t/couldn’t pay up anyway. All it comes down to is the African-American community looking for more handouts. While slaves, at least the landowners got something out of them. Now, taxpayers dole out money and the welfare freeloaders don’t have to do anything. Yep, that’s progress. I am going to get a real good tan and sign up for that gravy train.

  24. Phil said

    One more thing. Here’s the deal: the Virginia legislature has now legitimized the African-American claim that their lives were ruined by slavery. In turn, this will be used by AA’s to justify drug use/sales, murder, robbery, prostitution, and all other kinds of violence, which they all blame on us evil white folk. This is going to turn into another excuse for AA’s not to accept responsibility for their PRESENT behavior and FUTURE prospects. I guess it feels so much better to live in the past where you can blame others for your own lack of pride and self-respect. I fimrly beleive Kunta Kinte woiuld disown all of you black idiots if he knew how much you have degraded, pissed at, and spat on, his legacy. What a waste.

  25. Frankie Didn't Do It Wasn't There" White Man said

    We should get all the apologies out of the way once and for all. After all the Libs believe we upset the muslums so they attacked. We must have done the same to Japan before WWII. The levees in New Oleans were not strong enough but blown up (Quite the contradiction). It’s only a matter of time before the Al Gore scientific team come up with firm proof not an Asteroid or a Super Volcano caused the last Dinosaur Extinction but indeed the Geeorge W.Bush Global Warming Destroyers did. As far as the Virginia apology just picture this taking place while “Mr President your zipper is dowm” was in office, he was the fist black president after all and while he was the black govenor of Arkansas who flew the Confederate Flag. When they teach history they should point out that africans had slaves long before the evil white man, they taught the rest of civilization before America was a twinkle in Vespuci’s eye.

  26. anonymous said

    Since over 9 million slaves where brought to the western hemisphere and only 500,000 ended up here. Why are we as Amercans always having to apologize for this action. What about the other countries involved? Besides my ancesters didn’t show up until the late 1800’s, after slavery was ended. Why should I pay for the founders actions. Yes, if anything we should apologizes to the Native American first. We stole their land. Sounds like some people are trying to get something for nithing again.

  27. Tamara said

    Oh my…what will they think of next. Slavery is over. No white person owes any black person an apology. None of us white people living today ever owned a slave and all blacks today, never were a slave. Therefore, you have nothing to compare your present lives to. Unless you can prove you were a slave and went through it all personally…you need to STFU. You can bet you have it alot better than most people have nowadays. Get over it, get a job, and quit looking for a handout (or an apology), over something that happened YEARS BEFORE you and I were even born. Stop blaming the white man for your problems, you’re responsible for your own actions, regardless of the color of your skin.

  28. anonymous said

    Mr “Frankie Didn’t do it Wasn’t there” didn’t seem to want to talk about how GW is raping and destroying young American lives. This draft dodger that we have in office doesn’t care for lives of the people of this country because he can’t profit from it any other way. I felt safer in this world with “Mr Zipper down” man who actually helped the American people with a balanced budget. If GW wouldn’t have wasted my money on his “Lets Play Army” we could maybe actually afford to pay some restitution.

  29. Anonymous said

    I have a question. Are there anyone that was a slave still alive?

    So.. we apologize to their children and grandchildren?

    To be honest about it. The only ones that we should apologize to is the ones that were slaves. Their lives were hard. They do need an apology.

    The people that live here now need to thank their ancestors. If the were not sold as slaves.. these people wouldnt be here in the US with people thinking about their rights.

    Instead.. they would be in Africa.. if they were even born.. living in a country that is devistated with so much.. Aids for one thing.. and other things too.

    Yes there is aids here too.. but not like there.

    So your ancestor was a slave.. Well… maybe you should be proud of them because of the way of life that you have now.. and the rights that you have now.

    If your ancestors wasn’t slaves? Where would you be now?

    I am tired of hearing.. oh.. we got hurt..
    Ohhh.. Ohhh.. my ancestors.. my ancestors..

    The ancestors got hurt.. and I really do apologize to them.

    They were the ones that was hurt. From what I can see.. their legecy is the fact that their children are better off because of their pain.

    I will not apologize to their children. In fact.. I think their children should thank them and get over.. Ohhh.. I was hurt because my ancestor was a slave. Why work when you can get a free ride? Dont get me wrong.. I know a lot of people that are very strong and works.. the only ones you hear about are those that holler out… Ohhh.. I am so.. grrr.. this is so stupid.

  30. Nicole said

    Wow, i’m glad that i came here, to read all of your racists comments. YOu People on this site are living proof why an apology is needed. And for god’s sake, it ‘s just an aplogy. They are just words. Here’s some knowledge for you simple-minded heathens. white americans would not have the wealth that they have today were it not for the profits that they made off of the free labor of slaves. and Black people would not be in the state that they are in today were it not for the psychological, and economical effects that slavery, segregation, racism, and white supremacy had (and continues to have) on black americans. Maybe it will make you feel better if you look at it as an apology for Racism. you can’t possible deny the fact that it stills exists. you all are living proof of that.

  31. Anonymous said

    u know what I dont think that we shouldnt apology for what our 4 fathers did fuck that and u know what i am glad our four fathers did that it should be still use today fuck the niggers

  32. Anonymous said

    Why yes, Nicole, the point is however, the government should be doing something that is worth a damn. Slavery is over! Oh, and maybe the government should apoligize to my family for getting shoved around by fat, angry black women…..because if they were slaves, it would have never happened! Geez….we could go on forever about what the government should apoligize for….
    Oh and so everyone knows I do have black friends (none of whom are angry asses) and am in no was racist….just saying, woohoo and good night!

  33. Anonymous said

    Apologizing for the reality (slavery) of 1865, in 2007, is akin to riding a bike form NYC to San Franciso instead of taking a #@*&^*! airplane to same time……earth to Virgina…can someone explain why morons like “Pacoman Jones” of the Tennesee Titans and the entire NBA (who father countless children out of wedlock) don’t understand the importance of family, integrity and morality??? Why is the state of VIRGINIA apoligizing to a race than has not stepped up and seized the great opportunity that has been thrust before it?? Forget slavery, any black person that wants to work hard, get an education and enjoy a piece of the American dream has that opportunity at his fingertips…….this apolgy is a hollow gesture that would anger the sons and daughters of Virgina a century ago….shame on you, you politically correct, weak, bastards!!!

  34. Frankie Didn't Do It Wasn't There" White Man said

    “GW is raping and destroying young American lives”
    “a balanced budget”
    “we could maybe actually afford to pay some restitution.”
    No we can’t people like you won’t let us. You pay all you want if you did something. The young people are doing just fine and those who don’t destroy their own lives. But anyway I’m sorry for I upset you.

  35. Frankie Didn't Do It Wasn't There" White Man said

    And btw I thought the dinosaur thing was pretty funny, sorry eh sorry eh sorry eh sorry

  36. Anonymous said

    Nicole… are an idiot…the depth of your stupidiy alarms me…..what concerns me is the fact you may believe the crap you wrote?? African Americans in “America” have more opportunity that blacks anywhere else in the world (Nicole, can you count the thousands of blacks, killed by blacks, in AFRICA in the last 12 months)? Do you realize that “light skinned blacks” in Africa sell “dark skinned blacks” into slavey for about $7 US dollars daily???? Why don’t you get your ASS over to Africa to help some of these folks who are getting slaughtered or sold into slavery instead of worrying about what happened hear a 100 years ago? You know whu?? Because you are too comfortable enjoying the safety, priviledges and bounty of this great country while you whine about the “downside” you know nothing about….take another valium.

  37. Andrew said

    These are all really good points.. First off, most slaves were actually treated better than homeless people are today. They were given a place to sleep and food to eat. They may not have been paid, but most slaves were not beaten and killed like history makes it out to be. We have only heard of the extreme cases. Second, we would have never had slaves if THEIR OWN PEOPLE would not have sold them to us, so they should be the ones to apologize. Third, all of this happen about 150 years ago. Why don’t we apologize to Japan for dropping 2 massive bombs on their country? Why don’t we apologize to the German’s for running Hitler out of power. These have all happen in the past, wether it was good or bad. But as Americans, we should learn from our mistakes, not apologize for them..

  38. anonymous said

    The simple fact of the matter is slavery only existed because of tribes in Africa selling their own people into slavery. Our country just happened to be the ones that purchased slaves. It is not our fault that your tribes were not strong enough to battle against other tribes. You should be thankful for the fact you were brought over to America, look at the current state of Africa. It is so funny to me the race card is still being played to this day. And the strange thing is the only people that ever seem to use the word racist are African Americans. You say white people are racist and you preach equality, how is it fair that I do not have certain opportunities because I am a white male. Isn’t that the definition of discrimination? Why don’t you actually contribute something positive to society and then we can talk about how “we” discrimminated against you. I am tired of having to pay for laziness. Maybe you should listen to people such as Bill Cosby, who has even called African Americans out. The simple fact of the matter is African Americans have it easy, they are able to get access to higher education at little to no cost because of their color, and do they take advantage? No they would rather sit around and bitch about how they should always get something for nothing.

  39. dino said

    I feel really bad and depressed that the blacks were once slaves. It is unfair that throughout world history, they were the only race that has every suffered. Every white American should turn over possession of their homes to the black people to make up for slavery. White America has to stop keeping the black man down!!

  40. Shara said

    I will ignore dino, What I think that we all need is drawn up contract that the past should not be ignored.. but to be put exactly where it is.

    In the past.

    How many people do you think would agree with me?

    From this day, forward, we just go on and stop trying to make amends for what happened in the past.

    No more.. blacks.. whites.. indians…

    No more.. nothing. We just get over it and understand that happened a long time ago.

    After that.. we can be who we are and maybe get along?

    Sounds good to me! No on to more important things.. murderes.. etc.. I think that is more important than a fuss about race. Murders are of now.. slavery is in the past.

  41. steve said

    well, here is a solution. how about since the africans are so angry about the white man screwing up thier lives why don’t we just do this. and since the white man is so used to giving the blacks everything they have instead of them actually working for it to begin with, why don’t we just let the black caucus get together and choose about 3 american states here in the U.S. let’s say a coastal state adjoining 2 other none coastal states and let’s just give them those 3 states and then make it mandatory for every single one of them to move to these states and build thier own trade and commerce and lets call these states little africa and let them have thier own little nation and let them fin for themselves. let them build thier own business and thier own trade with other countries, opperate thier own electric power plants. and since it will be a country then lets put border patrol around it. and make it illegal for them to cross without visa’s.. like that has worked for Mexico ? lets see if the study that I read years ago that was compiled by a certain major university is true, that within 10 years thier whole race will have completly destroyed itself. now, lets not shun our black brothers and sisters, let establish trade and commerce with them. and when and if they do infact destroy themselves then we take those 3 states back and then make it a felony and life in prison for any of them to ever mention this appology crap again…

  42. Shara said

    Actually.. it is Virginia that started this conversation.. however.. at this point.. I am ready to agree with your plan.

  43. Shara said

    I just thought of something.. we have these.. ohh.. what are they called?? Government living areas.

    Anyway.. I know a long time ago.. the majority of the people that lived there were darker.. Is it the same now? If that is true.. why?

    Because their ancestors were slaves?

    Or maybe it is just because that is the life that they chose?

    I know that a lot of things happens.. believe me.. things has happened in my life too.

    I know a lot of people.. and believe me.. Some of them just chose to live as is.

    They know they could do better but why work when they dont have to.

    I really heard those words.

  44. Tamara said

    To Nicole…no one said Racism doesn’t exist, we know it exists. It’s all about the apology issue. Turn it around however you want to, (put the blame on someone else like always).
    I know you don’t want to hear the truth…but when it all comes down to it, White people don’t owe black people a damn thing and we sure as hell dont owe any apologies. Blacks need to get a life, quit trying to profit off the WHITE MAN.

    To Steve and Shara.
    GIVE them their own CONTINENT, they definately aren’t gonna WORK for it. I’m ready to agree to that too, tired of all the whining and complaining BS.

  45. Anonymous said

    I live in San Francisco, in a neighborhood in the vicinity of public housing. I see what the blacks write on the walls of their homes, the garbage they throw on the streets and sidewalks, the junk cars they drive at high speeds through our neighborhoods. They sell and use drugs and shoot each other, including innocent bystanders over drug turf. I feel that the entire juvenile population of lawbreakers should be returned to their wonderful Africa. Perhaps they could be sold back to the tribes who first sold them to Americvans. Let them kill each other off in Somalia. Good riddance. Get the rest of them off the public support system and make them go to work. The hell with apologies to the Negro.

  46. Anonymous said

    Its funny as an African American who was born in a southern state its funnny that people say we should get over slavery… We should forget the face that it even happen. that we should be happy that we arent in Africa still and we should be upset about things since all the people who had slaves are dead…. You owe more than an a apology… do you dont understand what the entire slave trade did. Read your history it killed an entire people. and you say that african american are complaining… but yet when they walk in a room you will hold your bag because you think they’re going to steal. when you meet an african american you think that they are some how lower class than you… Why? how can you get a life when one was never given. yea slavery was over but then there were the jim crow laws… and everthing else. the civil rights movemment.. what about that. was that not wrong. being judge just because you were darker… African Americans are the only people who haven’t gotten an apology… what harm whould it do to give one? why is it so hard for america to say we mad a mistake…

  47. Shelly said

    Personally, I was not raised nor was I a racist of any type until I expereinced the gimme, gimme, gimme, you owe me attitude of so many, so called, African Americans. I am sick and tired of Affirmative Action, Miss Black America, Ebony Magazine, The National Negro College Fund and the like. I am sick and tired of liberals cramming BS down my throat and taking my hard earned tax follars to fund illegitimate children, drug habits, section 8 housing, free medical assistance, food stamps and free living to people who just feel “entitled” simply BECAUSE they are of color. Get off your backsides and quit complaining! Get an education in your FREE schools instead of disrupting the classes, for that matter GO to classes…get out there and proove your worth instead of demanding what you aren’t entitled to in the first place….Yes, get over it and get over yourselves!

    Hargrove got it right the first time….Get over it!

  48. Shelly said

    Oh, one more thing, when are we going to have “White History Month”….well?

  49. Miffed said

    Ha! I really like the idea of giving blacks (forget the “African American” crap, whites are whites so they can just be “blacks” screw political correctness) a few states so they can have their own country. Just watching them try to collect taxes from each other might be good entertainment. Can you say “self destruct”? To be fair, there are those blacks that have somehow acquired a work ethic and figured out how to engage their brain beyond holding out their hand. They’ve applied themselves, dropped the ebonics “dis an dat” for intelligent speach and dress the part of successful people – that doesn’t mean loud doses of bling and pants that need to hang on your dick to be cool. These accomplished blacks are persecuted by their own race for achieving something!! Young blacks with ambition are degraded by their peers for wanting to get ahead. The race cries opression and racism from whites when they are doing the most damage to themselves. Act like a victim and you’ll be treated like a victim. Yes, get over it!! Rise above your situation. You’ve sure been handed all the opportunities on a silver platter. You con’t like your circumstances – then change them. Stop blaming everyone else for your pridicament and demanding $ for it. That’s being a lazy coward and I’m damn tired of supporting your bastard children because your too lazy to use FREE protection. Politicians are nothing but hypocrital bleeding hearts. My heritage is native american – indian. I can’t understand why the indians are still allowed to be sovereign nations and yet receive government subsidies. For how long do we americans plan to fund their lazy chic-a-bow-wow lifestyle? Special treatment indefinately my ass! That debt has been paid. Time for them to start paying taxes like the rest of us. Its the whites that should be screaming Affirmative Action rights and equal opportunity!!

  50. no test score no pass said

    im not going to appoligize for somthing i didnt do.also. there are over 80 all black colleges in the u s . so why cant there be all white schools.seems to me they are the ones that are racist. they haveafrican amirican college fund. why cant we have white american college fund. this is really stupid. my best friend is a black man and he aggrees with me. oh yeah i live in the south and my great grandfather fought for the confederacyas a general. im proud of my harritage i dont hate anyone exept osama bin laudin. and anyone who threatins our country or our way of life . i just want white people to have the same rights and privledges that we are giving the blacks.

  51. no test score no pass said

    well i think this is a crock of shit.i hear these people yelling im african american. i have seen millions of black people calling themselves that but i have asked at least a hundred black people to give me just one sentance in african. supprize. not one could utter a single word of zulu or any other african language.. i have also heard.{ whitey is keeping me down. yeah right. i ran away with all the text books and pencils just so they cant study or do there home work.we have been lowering our test scores so that the blacks could pass test. so what the hell are my kids going to to . just keep getting dumber just so some black kid can be proud. i dont fuking think so. i had to put my kids in private school just so they can have the best education they can get because i dont support the fact that my kids should be as dumb as the general population. so anyone that thinks i owe them my childrens future is an ass hole and a moron

  52. aretha said

    you also owe the idians ! so what the diference?relly need to see it just as when you help the jews that was a nice thing to do!your peolpe came to this country and did such harm here that it was sinful. not only did africans come here you did too!so you can go back if you dont like it here! bless you!

  53. Mr Cassim said


  54. no test score no pass said

    thats funny. i dont owe the indians shit. i am cherokee indian. what the hell does that have to do with anything. and as far as the jews are concerned. they need to go get an appoligy from the germans. that dosnt have a damn thing to do with me.we saved them from being exterminated. so try to come up with anouther one mr cassim. sounds to me like you came from india or somewhere else. not from here. go get your green card and shut up. i dont remember anyone named cassim being a slave or for that matter being here in the UNITED STATES when that family has been here for three hundred years and not one of my family ever owned a slave. my family payed there help.also. when i was a child my parents let me have all my friends over for sleep overs. that includes my black friends. and i had just as many black friends as white so dont give me that bullshit.. this is the land of the free. that means you are free to be and stay juat as fucking dumb as you want to be. thats your god given right and just because your stupid and narrow minded. dosnt mean my children have to be just as dumb. im tired of people from other countrys weighing in and telling us we should do anything. if you dont like it here go back to where you came from. i am proud to have served my country. my best friend was in the navy with me. hes a black man. not a african american. hes an american with african desent.. he has two children that are in very fine colleges. they didnt get there from a handout. they got to college by studying hard and making really good grades. they have full scholorships because they worked for it. not because they screamed injustice or whity owes me somthing. hard work. test scores and a willingness to make there own selves proud. so go tell somone who will listen to that bleeding heart bullshit.

  55. Mickey Clark said

    There are millions of people living in the United States today with family backgrounds filled with hard times, hatred, bigotry and injustice. Yet most of the descendants of people who have come to America for a better life, who were born here of slaves, or even members of American Indian families, overcame the hardships they endured through life and succeeded to become productive members of American society. Of course others, no matter what their race or background would prefer to sit back and complain that the world owes them a living, or reparations because of what transpired hundreds of years ago.
    There will always be a certain degree of insincerity in those who make a “Cottage Industry” out of the wrongs perpetrated throughout history.But if we are to become a society in which we as Americans can prove this is a nation of opportunity and acceptance, all of us must adapt overcome past injustices and work together to realize the true strength of our mixed cultures.

    We all should keep in mind the words; “United we stand, Divided we fall”. We cannot achieve greatness and set an example to the rest of the world if we continue to bicker about the past, no matter how painful it may be. Rise above it people, and work together for an America where we all are on a level playing field of life, with no apologies, no accusations, no blame on the past. United we can succeed. Divided we most definately will fail.

  56. atlien said

    Threads like these are always good for aspiring white racists to come in and stretch their wings as they learn to fly.

  57. […] I’m not kidding…” February 25th, 2007 — ekkin Okay, Sarah has written a post about this article . So far she has 55 comments and most of them are from idiots. Now I am going to […]

  58. yunahalo said

    atlien, You’re an idiot. Let me guess, you think we’re racist… so that must mean you’re black.

  59. no test score no pass said

    annonymous. you are so full of shit you cant see what the truth is if it shit on you. you are a bleeding heart bullshit artist that never had a black man call you a racist when he is the bigger racist for looking at me with contemt when he dosnt even know me.and why would go under anonymous when you are undoubtably a racist yourself. you have contemp for all white people and if it werent for us you would be living in africa dieing of aids or living in a slum wishing you were in the united states so go fuck yourself and leave the thinking to the people who actually have a relivant thought in there head.

  60. aretha said

    god bless all of you for you know not better than to say such things to gods people. why is it that people think that only black people come from another country?they were not here when whites killed the indians and took thier land!whites had to come here to keep from going to prisom! they where locked up them selves already murderers that why they didnt think twice about killing the indians! but dont blame whites for who they are we need to pray for all people for god love us all . we all going to die one day . hopefully our souls will be ready! may the lord be with each and everyone!this is a great summer we up and beathing and on our way to serve the lord who dont see color. have a good day for it didnt have to be.

  61. JamieLynne said

    Any and everyone that says that an apology for slavery is stupid is the fool. Slavery is not the only crime here. Most of the people that have posted here think that an apology is unwarranted because they assume that slavery was the only crime and/or injustice. Just as recently as the 1990’s when a black man was dragged from the back of a truck, by whites, just for being black is just another trickle down effect of slavery. Coretta Scott King’s (wife of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King) father worked his entire life and saved his money to open his own business and it was burned to the ground by white racists in the south, AFTER SLAVERY WAS ENDED. Black people were not allowed to open their own businesses, were not allowed to own land, were not allowed to vote and when the KKK came and burned down their homes and raped their childered (AFTER SLAVERY WAS LONG ENDED) the whites of this country MADE NO APOLOGIES and even celebrated this behavior. Something that most of you people out there also don’t realize is the the “Civil War” was not truly intended to end slavery. That is another lie that your history teachers tell you so that they can feel good enough to sleep at night because whites are not good people and black people should not feel grateful for the crumbs that are given them. The facts are that even if your ancestors that came over after slavery ended didn’t own any slaves, they still benefited from the effects of slavery. The white immigrants did nothing to stop and probably participated in lynching and the denial of black people’s equal right to vote, own land and be equal to every other person in this country. I bet that almost every white person in this country has inherited something from their grandparents, great grandparents and even parents but only because they had something to give because they had the RIGHT in this country to pursue any and every aspiration that they could dream up. Black people were denied this right. Now they are behind and trying desperately to play catch up. Do you think that’s fair? I don’t. By the way Yunahalo, you would stoop so low as to insult atlien and Quantel because they don’t agree with you but what about all of the other bigots and racists that are posting on this site. You see nothing wrong with any of their comments. People using the word nigger, and saying that all black people are lazy. There are PLENTY of whites on welfare but I guess that YOU don’t want to talk about THAT! Anyone that would be so ignorant to say that all black people are lazy are lazy themselves, mentally lazy. BTW, I am not even black and I understand the problems and injustices that were placed upon slaves and their descendents.

    Last but not least, I really felt the need to reply to all of the comments on this site but really I think that most people that are posting on this site are not even intelligent enough to grasp my points AND they are TOO IGNORANT to see why they are DEAD WRONG.

    Everybody have a wonderful afternoon!

  62. Anonymous said

    For all of you that think Virginia’s apology is BS–imagine if one of your loved ones was unjustifiably put into prison. They had no rights. They had a place to sleep and food to eat, but it’s substandard. If the prison guard is in a bad mood, they get violent. They are not free to leave; if they do, the guard will literally hunt him down and bring them back kicking and screaming–or perhaps he’ll just kill him, because that’s less trouble.

    Imagine not getting an apology for that for 100+ years.

    I’d be pissed too.

  63. yunahalo said

    Ummm, if it happened to someone 100+ years ago, there would be mo way for you even know them, even if they are family. You can’t love someone you’ve never met, or even knew. Why doesn’t anyone understand that?

  64. no test score no pass said

    well jamielynne. you have you oppinion. thats great . thats what this country was founded on by our so called crimminal whites that came here to stay out of prison. well i have an oppinion too. my oppinion is that you are full of shit. you dont have a clue as to where my family came from. my family is from whales . ierland. native americans and my family was here before you and people like you who dont even have the right to judge us ever came here. i unlike yourself have every right to be here and voice my displeasure in a bunch of people that dont have the brainpower to understand that my family never profeted from any kind of slavery. my grandparents came off a indian reservation and became sharecroppers making money for somome else just to have a house to live in and grow there own food. you think that slaves had it bad. try being an american indian and see who got beaten and raped and killed for profet. my great grandfater on my dads side was a general for the south who married an american indian. so dont give me that shit about me owing anyone anything. go fuck yourself

  65. aretha said

    you dont owe anyone anything cause you not white! you said you some indian so thats not white. we all owe each other something..its called respect!

  66. yunahalo said

    aretha, do you really believe that? I’m white, but wait, my ancestors are indian, European and …. *gasp*… BLACK. So, I’d say you can start by apologizing to me. Oh, and perhaps you should invest in some ‘Hooked on Phonics’.

  67. JamieLynne said

    …and another thing! No test score no pass makes a very good point. Most Americans that are descendents of African slaves do not know any African language. Why is that? Maybe its because they have been robbed of their history. No test score no pass knows that his ancestors have been in America for the last three hundred years but ask an American that is a descendent of African slaves where their family was three hundred years ago. They don’t know. I too have a black friend and when we tried to look up his family tree it ended at a plantation. A slave woman that bore children to a white man with my friend’s last name but they did not identify this man any further. He left no trace or indication of who he was. Most whites can trace their blood line all the way back to Europe or wherever they are from but Americans of African descent have been denied that right. They don’t even truly know who they are or where they are from.

    And what have they been given in return? Insults and berating by the relatives of their ancestors oppressors.

    A word about affirmative action: it is bullshit. Wanna know who the real beneficiaries of affirmative action are? White women, hispanics, asians, indians from india, arabs and a few black people. I am born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan which is the location of the University of Michigan. I am an alum. Most of the people that benefited from the affirmative action policies of the University were asians and indians (from India). Shortly after graduation, I got a job at a great company. Most of the “minorities” that I worked amongst were asians. I think there were three black people in the entire company. It was a mid size publicly traded company. Black people do not benefit from affirmative action as much as people think. I have black friends right here in Michigan that are involved in lawsuits against realtors that were involved in “steering” these people away from white neighborhoods toward more “black” neighborhoods even though they were over qualified financially to buy the home in any neighborhood of their choice. How can this be? White people think that there is no racism. This is not true. As a white person, I too used to think that racism did not exist but I was wrong. I had to take a long, hard, honest look at what was going on around me to finally get it. Racism is alive and well and most of the posts on this blog and the institutional racism prove it. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!

    The law that says that if you were born in America, you are an American citizen automatically was made for the descendents of slaves. Not hispanics. There was a comic strip recently that depicted a hispanic crossing the border and a white man tried to direct him to the immigration office and he said no, I don’t need the immigration office, I need the welfare office. The hispanics were angry about this cartoon but its true. They come over here illegally and use our hard earned tax dollars for their personal gain and black people are blamed for the high tax bill. Most black people that I know that were on welfare were kicked off due to welfare reform. But the hispanics do the meanial jobs so that they are below the poverty line so that they can continue to collect welfare.

    The gays are benefiting from the civil rights movement more than blacks are. It seems that every time I turn around there is some gay person screaming bigot at someone for disagreeing with their lifestyle. I don’t agree with gay bashing, no one should be beating up on anyone else but I don’t think that we should be force fed all of this gay propaganda. Blacks are told to get over it, well I think that gay people should get over it. Nobody has to accept the gay lifestyle. Given, this is a free country so feel free to be gay but don’t expect EVERYONE to be so accepting of gayness.

    All of the “programs” and “movements” that have been instituted to make right the wrongs of slavery and jim crow laws and lynchings and property damages and the lack of voting rights have been freely given to other races that just do not deserve the type of reparations that black people deserve. How could this be? How does a program that was meant to make right the wrongs of slavery get passed to a totally undeserving group? Just more racism that white people deny or turn a blind eye to every day.

  68. i want mexico to apologize to me for the alamo. i mean, really, what the fuck

  69. JamieLynne said

    No test score no pass. Your reply to my message proves my point. You don’t know anything about me or my heritage either. My mother’s ancestors are native american also (Blackfoot), you are not unique. My father’s family came here hundreds of years ago from Scotland. Don’t try to lecture me about who belongs here. I made no comment toward you in any of my post’s so if you felt threatened by anything that I said, it is because of your own insecurities. I have nothing against you and your personal attacks are not effective against me. I know who I am and I am not swayed by the likes of you. Secondly, what I wrote is not an opinion, it is fact. Based on history and my personal experiences. If you don’t like it, prove me wrong with some concrete facts instead of trying to use foolish words like fuck to express yourself. When I do anything in life, I try to make my ancestors proud of me because we believe that they are watching. My family would be very disappointed if they thought that I was disgracing their name and image by getting involved in a war of words with anyone that has no bearing on my spiritual, financial, social, success or failure in life.

    One more thing. You of all people should know that the natives of this country were not capitalists or staunch advocates of “a free country” and freedom of speech. They believed in respect for others, sharing and protecting respecting our earth and giving to the earth because the earth gives to us. You should speak more wisely for a person of such a diverse heritage. You should be above telling people to go fuck themselves. Shame on you.

    God Bless you No test score no pass. True happiness begins insind oneself and you appear to be an unhappy person. You should relax. I truly hope you have a better day.

    Bye Everybody!

  70. parasol said

    Josh, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    My family didn’t get here until after slavery had been abolished for 50 fucking years. If you want my fucking respect, you’ve gotta earn it. I’m not going to ‘give’ anyone a goddamn thing.

    And, as an aside… Racism is not confined to being a white/black thing. You wanna bitch about crimes against African Americans, you might wanna look at what’s going on in Compton right now. It’s killed more people than slave owners ever thought of.

  71. tony j said

    you wanna talks to me about som e crimes against blacks, you should blame huricane katrina it killed more black folk then starvashon killed etheopeans. president bush used teh military wethermaker mashines to make it hit new orleans and flood my yard and drown my cat.

    i dont know what all the fuss is about tho its about time we got some mor repereations. fema send me 2000 dolers and i got this apartment in dallas and a computer so i can tell yuo racists to fcuk off.

    racists are so stupid that they

  72. Parasol said


  73. that they forgot to finish their sentences?

  74. aretha said

    yunahaloi im some indian too that dont make me indian! god forgive you so do i!was not on to be nasty to anyone for i was not talking about you but thank you!have a blessed day.

  75. Parasol said

    Aretha, please…

    For the love of all that is holy, heed my request:

    Use proper punctuation and spelling. It’s hard to take anyone seriously that won’t take the time to simply check a post for errors.

  76. aretha said

    bless you to!

  77. yunahalo said

    I think you mean:

    Bless you too!

    That is the correct way to say that…

  78. ekkin said

    Tony J….you are a fucking idiot…. Bush caused Katrina? Why don’t you go kill yourself and do America some good.

  79. aretha said

    thank you . you are great!see nice people are in the world i had told my mom! thanks again. have a womderful evening!see we all can be blessed!

  80. sherman said

    all this hate dame it`s unbelievable we have not come a long way thank god for jesus .

  81. Maverick said

    This is just part of the bullying techniques of certain racists. When you were a kid the bully would say give me your lunch money and I won’t beat you up. After he got your money it was carry my books to class and I won’t beat you and the list just kept going on.

    If I thought this type of action would bring any real peace or appeasement I would say go ahead but make sure all the Northern states do the same. It won’t change anything as they will only fuss and whine about something else. My ancestors in Germany were serfs/slaves and they say my last name is a derivation of a Jewish name and the Jews were not treated well in Europe for centuries so I should try and start a movement to make Germany give me reparations for my serf ancestors and the Jewish ones. They should apologize as well.

    The whole thing is insane and we live in an insane age. Like the school bully until we stand up and tell them no more of this we shall see more and more of this craziness. Gen. Grant had slaves four years after the War whereas Lee freed the ones he got in marriage immediately.

    Folks should read Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery” :

    As well as the book Out of America: /sr=1-1/qid=1172440219/ref=sr_1_1/102-6771952-6685757?ie=UTF8&s=books

    Check the conditions of the average modern day African and people should be glad that Lincoln did not get his way and ship every Black man back. He said that the Blacks would never be equal to whites and didn’t want any “N”s in the terriroties because he didn’t want any blood mixing. The Indians? It was the victorious Northern Army that committed near genocide on the Indians and enslaved them to reservations whereas the 5 Civilized Tribes fouight for the South and the only Indian General was Stand Watie, CSA. There were Black pickets and Black officers in the Confederate Army wheras the Union used their Blacks as cannon fodder sending them in first hoping the Rebs would go crazy and expend most of their ammunition to save the White soldiers. The South had a Jew in the cabinet as well as Jewish and Hispanic soldiers. Very diverse, I’d say.

    You might also want to read “The South Was Right”: ag=dogpile-20

    And “Was Jefferson Davis Right?”: 0X/sr=1-1/qid=1172440072/ref=sr_1_1/102-6771952-6685757?ie=UTF8&s=book s

    “The Real Lincoln”: 26463/ref=pd_bxgy_b_text_b/102-6771952-6685757

    Would be another one to see the truth about the era. The whole world at that time practiced slavery. It wasn’t a Southern thing. Spain was the biggest trader and only about 8% of the trade came to America and they were treated far better than slaves sent elsewhere. There were no incursions to get slaves. They were being sold on the shore by the conquering tribes who had already enslaved them. Try asking the Africans nations for reparations and apologies. if they had not made it so easy and profitable the trade may have never existed or would have died out sooner. The Freedman’s Bureau and Liberia were the reparations designed by the Government of the time. If it was mishandled or people did not take advantage of what was offered the deal and deed is done.

    No one in this age owes an apology to anyone for that period of history. Both slave and free are dead. God has handled the issue with them. Let it go!

  82. pegasus said

    why is it that when we talk about slaves we talk about whites enslaving blacks…. Everybody in written history had slaves. even life of serfs were no better

  83. no test score no pass said

    tony j. you have been reading two many science fiction comic books. bush made katrina hit new orleans . lol thats funny. you should go to school and be somone. not just some ass hole who dosnt know what the fuck hes talking about lol. and jamie lynn. i appoligize for the language i used toward you . you have a right to believe what you want. my mistake. i dont agree with you but you do have that right as an american. and yes i do give to mother earth and replant my gardens and flowers every year and i fertilize my kids . my marrage and my own life with love and respect for others regardless of there race or family background. we are not enemies so i do have to listen and maybe you can chage my mind but i doubt it. but i will listen and if i have offended you then im sorry. i got worked up yesterday about these people telling me i owe them somthing when my family was murderd moved onto reservations and not given any kind of simple respect. so that being said. have a great day and god bless you

  84. you… fertilize your children?

  85. Mark said

    After posting and rereading some of the comments and opinions expressed here; i was tempted to walk away discouraged by the hate and resentment disclosed;p
    However, i believe that the decision Virginia law makers took was not only courageous but provieds an opportunity to address some deep rooted concerns, which affect all, Americans.
    this is an opinion and like those posted we all, are entitled too and should not be attacked for our beliefs; yes i disagee with many comments on here, but to call people stupid or an idiot and other derogatory names distracts us from the issues and futher enhances the hated.
    Now to respond specifically to some of the issues raised in this dialog, the matter of hurricane katrina and america`s response; with the technology avaible to forewarn us of the impending disaster and the fact we had national guards at the ready to dispatch, yet it took days and the most horrendous conditions imaginable nto get relief to the affected poor areas; yes, further adds to the perception of being second class;
    Now i believe that as Americans we have far more in comm9on than what seperates us; We all, want better education for our children, safer neighbors to live in and jobs and opportuinites for all, americans regardless of your color, religious, demoniation, sexual orientation, etc…
    Our common enemies are fear and ignorance; so as a black man i am attempting to look at these issues of from the opposite side;
    A Apology to Black people for slavery; why should we; i didn`t own any has been expressed in these comments; acxtually i agree, you shouldn`t have to personally, because as stated you didn`t howver this nation, perpetuated this practice and implemented law`s institutionalized it through segregation in schools and the work place, resturants etc…
    So an apology would go a long way to acknowledge mistakes were made by our goverment and as a nation we would continue to move in the direction of healing by this injustice;
    Now the fears come form the point of view, how will, this affect their bottom dollar, more taxes, special programs, etc…
    We`ll, the idealistic solution would be to create better schools for all, children and allow them access to these schools; as for jobs, stop out sourcing and bring back the jobs to america for all, it`s citizens and train anyone and everyone so they can have the american dream too; fear and ignorance are our real eneminies, so let us address them and not attack each other

  86. no test score no pass said

    ragnarock. well i apoligized to jamielynn for what i said to her but i mean this with all my heart. i fertilize my childrens minds you fucking moron. you have nothing more to say than complete horse shit. you are the kind of person that needed to be killed not the jews or the blacks

  87. yunahalo said

    Ummm, that’s rude. I was also wondering if you fertilized your children as well. You need to learn how to get your point across, because you make absolutely no sense. Oh, and Rags is a regular to my blog, he can say whatever he wants, you, however, should go away… Infact, you all should, let my blog be.

  88. no test score no pass said

    well you can go fuck your self to. anyone with half a brain can understand everything i said. and if you have regulars like that i put you in the same catagory. i will be glad to never lower my standars by visiting this blog again. hope you choke and fuck you very much

    i would also like to add that i am a fucking bitch and will probably burn in hell because i cant control myself. im a dumbass christian and a horrible mother.

  89. yunahalo said

    Aww, that’s too bad. I feel sorry for you. Yes ‘standars’ do become lowered when visiting my blog. And no. I understand you sex invitation (‘fuck you very much’) But sadly I’m happily married and get my sex from my husband. I must decline. I will say, however, that I know for a fact you’ll be back… yes.

  90. no test score no pass. time for a grammar lesson. you wrote -and i quote- “…i fertilize my kids .”

    notice that thing at the end, right before the final quotation mark? that’s a period. it denotes the end of a sentence. thus, ‘this statement has been completed.’

    you say that anyone with half a brain can understand everything you said. the truth is, only people without that much brainpower would assume that by saying one thing, you actually meant another. it’s not my fault you’re too lazy to write more carefully.

    there’s two ways in which the communication of an idea can fail. one is in faulty interpretation on the receiver’s end. the other is in faulty exposition of one’s own thoughts. this time, the fault lies in the exposition. sorry kid. you fucked up. try not to be too hard on yourself

  91. aretha said

    hope you dont have children! you surely not teaching your kids right! i hope you are ! i will pray for you cause prayer does work.learn to love each other its so much better than the fighting! try it you may like it!may learn alot!go ahead try it!its a great day god has given to us!

  92. yunahalo said

    aretha, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU JUST SAID. Are you 10 or something?

  93. steve said

    By the way, there were over 140,000 irish immigrants who fought for the union to help obolish you ungreatful black folk. the few irish immigrants that fought for the south did so to secure their land that if the south had lost they would have had to give up..your good ole Ab Lincoln had full intentions of sending you all back, but unfortunatly he never got that oppertunity.. i’m not racist, I’m just tired of giving to an undeserving race. I wish all those black slaves could come back so that I could appologize to them for the way they were treated . they are the deserving ones, but you eretha’s, and laquisha’s and jermaines I owe nothing. but I can tell you all this, we white people have been putting up with this crap and we have just about had enough so, ya’ll keep it up and you will see a civil war that will make you spend every food stamp that the white man given you to purchase a boat ticket.. you all got one white hinky in Virginia to appologize for something none of us living had anything to do with so, stop pushing you luck…

  94. Donnette said

    Just for the record – as a Virginian born and bred, I DID NOT make this apology, nor do I agree with it. Yes, slavery was terrible, but it’s OVER – for some 142 years now to be exact! Everyone of these delegates need to be voted out and replaced with people who will do the will of the people!

  95. Mature+person said

    Hey they labeling children mental retardation in hampton public school, becouse they african american males. I dont think you understain the process that is going down 1994 – 2007 that slavery need to be stop befor some one say they apologize for slavery treat ment. They need to apologize to me for in slaving me when i was young, you still have racist people out there and the last slavery is the plantation special education lableing black mental retardation you research it befor you sit down and say there is no slavery you should be a shame of your self, if you said there was no slavery going on now. The people are walking the wrong way, The people are not listening to truth and in the past of the problem of black and white people is stop this slavery of special education labeling black males mental retardation. Hey read this special education for black males is a slave plantation search that on google. I can not beleave that you said that, there is no slave still in virginia, yes there is are you blind you cant see and read the bible learn about who is who and what is what. Read about GOD and Jesus and learn the truth.

  96. Mature+person said


  97. Matureperson said


  98. slavery in 2007 wise men words said

    First of all there is still slavery virginia, even in hampton public school system. They label young black children mental retardation to put them in a slave plantation, why do people walk around and try to slave little children and if they was african american would they like there children (blackmales) to be called mental retardation, if they was not mental retardation.For to apologize to african american they need to sit down and stop slavery that they are putting down on black males, males in hampton virginia and stop labeling them what they are not. I wont to explain some thing and this is a major case if they wont to aplogize they need to get lawer in virginia to help children free of pay to stop labeling teen and young black males mental retardation.The last slavery and the last slavery plantation is special education and if you can not stop that slavery how could you apologize to african american, thats just like you asking grow fruits with out the water. Sorry to hear this and i been around this and i know slavery is still is there in 2007 with hampton public school system in labeling young black males mental retardation what they are not for they wont be able to have good jobs.Apologize in 2007 from labeling black males mental retardation, apologize for lieing to poor children that cry at night, becouse they see no hope from a” (devil) evil education system in virginia and if you label a child what he is not rather call your self the devil him self lieing and acting evil, i think any child, teen in this nation should be able to have the right to have a right education. The slavery is special education labeling black males mental retardation. Read up special education is a slave plantiation for black males search google.I say to you, whoever said that slavery is still not here research it on black males, being lable mental retardation what they are not and a woman told me (a black males) that is labeling mental retardation can get a deploma, how can you say that ? if he is retarded then how can get a deploma. That is crazy and stupid and maybe you just answer the big world wide answer are they really mental retardation ? or are you just trying to slave children becouse of there color. Man wake up, there is still slavery in virginia and that is labeling black males mental retardation.

  99. part 2 wise men said

    I wrote this information about young black males, getting label mental retardation, is becouse slavery is not over with. You cant apologize, for slavery if it is still there. The problem is you still have racist people, in virginia. I try not see racistism here come a evil devil man that lies and cheats children from educational rights, you most understain and learn befor you say that there is no slavery in virginia, it is right in front of your eyes look closer and take a look at hampton public school system, they joke at black males children and it is like they are for the 666 people to brain wash these little kids it is written in revelation and saying that some people are going be in the high places and going to try to do bad thing to people and all of that. You explain to me and i need to talk these people that apologize and they need to speak to me and stop this slavery for going on.

  100. The Book said

    This is very not right slavery is stil there in virginia, i was be in slave, in hampton public school when i was young. They label me mental retardation, becouse i was a black males and now they gona sit down and say i am not mental retardation and but; sit there and act like they cant help me better my education when some apologize from labeling mental retaradation. I was once a slave and i am break out of it.GOD OF GOOD AND A GOD OF JUSTICE WILL HELP.

  101. The Book said


  102. yunahalo said

    Ok, first off, why use all those different names? You are the same person. You don’t even live in Virginia… You are in Colorado. Labeling someone mentally retarded is NOT slavery… and you actually spent 48 minutes posting on my blog… if anything, you are definitely an idiot. You need to learn how to speak and spell before you try to make a point. I shouldn’t even waste my time on you… but whatever. Once more, LABELING SOMEONE MENTALLY RETARDED IS NOT SLAVERY. Does that mean my WHITE MALE cousin was a slave? Being they gave him that title. But wait, he still graduated from high school… really, you should have your internet access taken away from you.

  103. this is still goin strong eh. i’m gettin a tan this year

  104. yunahalo said

    It just won’t stop…

  105. Anonymous said

    I came upon this site by mistake. As I began to read, I felt I should say something. I think when someone apologizes for a wrong doing it helps both parties or all parties to move on and for the healing to begin. So good for Virginia. I guess we continue to apologize and try to improve so that we do not allow ourselves to repeat our mistakes. Let us not forget what Hitler did to te the Jews. We do not need to forget this because we do not want to repeat this negative history today.

    Blacks as well as whites and other races have come a long way since slavery. We need to continue to move in a positive directions.

    As an African-American woman, I apologize for all the negative
    remarks on this and I know some of you feel this same. We all speak out of anger at different points of our life and forgive me if you every see or hear me speaking negatively way.

    As Americans let’s keeping pushing forward in postive ways.


  106. Monica said

    And yes I made mistakes in grammar in the above statment because I am doing this at 4:15 a.m. in the morning as well
    as homework.

    Good Night Everyone (smile)

  107. yunahalo said

    Monica, thank you… for a lot of things. Thank you for not coming off as an idiot. Thank you for using proper English. Thank you for actually having a coherent thought and making a valid point. 🙂

  108. steve said

    Monica, yours is the type of attitude that white people understand. as a white man I could apologize to a person like you. it’s the ones that stand in my face demanding it that I cannot stand. and to you Monica and the others like yourself, I apologize for what my ancestors done to your people.

  109. kazakhstan is the best, country in the world
    all the other countries, are run by little girls

  110. Anon said

    Tony J…’re one f**king illiterate idiot.
    Got a new computer and an a apartment?! Isn’t that special?!
    It obviously isn’t doing you any good.
    Try using spellcheck, it’s usually the little button
    with the check mark.
    I wouldn’t post anymore comments, you truly are making yourself look STUPID!!!

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