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    "Everyone who is famous sucked a dick to get where they are today. The only difference between us and them? We swallowed it!"
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    breeze still carries the sound
    maybe i'll disappear
    tracks will fade in the snow
    you won't find me here

    ice is starting to form
    ending what had begun
    i am locked in my head
    with what i've done
    i know you tried to rescue me
    didn't let anyone get in
    left with a trace of all that was
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far away from me
    i am
    the two of us
    were never meant to be
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me
    gone fading everything
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far as you can see
    i am
    and happiness and peace of mind
    were never meant for me
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me

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Myspace survey…. YAY!

Posted by yunahalo on April 14, 2007

1. Where is your dad right now?
At his house, I’m sure. Orrr, I’m guessing… but defiantly NOT with my mom.

2. Last time you kissed someone?
Ummm, like 8 hours ago, my husband hates me. *Update* I just got one, awww.

3. Name five things you did today.
Woke up, checked the mail, drank beer, smoked and rode to town with teh Nikkeh.

4. Last person you text messaged?
Well, I lost my phone months ago, so I’d say it was prolly Jeramy.

5. What kind of phone do you have?
LG, that is lost. Don’t tell my mil.

7. Where does your best friend work?
Umm, I I had to name a bf, I’d say Tally, but yeah, he doesn’t ‘work’… He just makes money.

8. What are you listening to?
Tally and Lee talking about stupid refrigerators… with TV’s in them.

9. What do you smell like?
Ass, and beer, and cigarettes.

10. What color are your eyes?

11. Have you ever done a Chinese fire drill?
Yes, I was GHEY. Lyyke, BAD. I’m cereal.

12. What color is your bedroom floor?

13. Do you have a chair in your room?
Not anymore.

14. What are you doing tomorrow?
Going to see my father in which I haven’t seen in a year and a half, and his mother which I haven’t seen in about 7 years.

15. Do you know anyone who is engaged?
Logan… I guess that’s it!

16. What is your favorite #?

17. Do you know someone named Betsy?
Absolutely NOT.

18. What color is your mom’s hair?
Darkish brownish?

19. Do you have a dog? Breed? Name?
Yep, 2.
Pit Bull.
Half pit, half mutt.

20. Do you remember singing any songs as a kid?
Yes, New Kids On The Block songs and that ‘Jamie’s Got A Gun’ song.

21. Are you married?
Of course.

22. When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
Earlier today, Cody spent the night here, and got kidnapped by his girlfriend and her friend.

24. Do you play an instrument?
Yeah, the skin flute… HAHHAHAHAH. Yeah, no.

25. Do you like fire?
Uh, duh, I live in Texas.

26. Are you allergic to anything?
My husband, and farts.

27. Do you have a crush on anyone?

30. Did you take science all four years of high school?
Umm, yes. Who doesn’t? I failed biology the first time though… bad times, bad times.

31. Do you like butterflies?
NOOOO. I only have 2 butterfly tattoos.

32. Do you miss someone?

33. Do you think they miss you too?
I’d hope, otherwise I’d be wasting my time.

34. Have you ever seen your school counselor?
Yeah, a LOT.

35. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?
What girl hasn’t?

36. What is one thing you’ve learned about life?
It sucks a lot…

37. What’s your favorite color?
Pink and chartreuse.

38. Is anyone jealous of you?
The entire world.

40. What does your mom call you?
Sarah. Duh.

41. What do your friends call you?
Sarah as well.

43. Has a friend ever used you?
30,000 times.

44. Has anyone told you that they like you more than a friend?
Umm, sure.

45. What have you eaten today?
Baked beans (mmm, farts.) and some pickles.

46. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

48. Who was the last person you drove with?

49. What are you looking forward to?
My death… No really, I have no idea.

50. How are you today?
Alive. Yes.

Yeah, that was loads of fun. Curses to being bored!


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  1. Nice blog!

  2. anonimous said

    ok 2 long

  3. yo moma said


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