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    breeze still carries the sound
    maybe i'll disappear
    tracks will fade in the snow
    you won't find me here

    ice is starting to form
    ending what had begun
    i am locked in my head
    with what i've done
    i know you tried to rescue me
    didn't let anyone get in
    left with a trace of all that was
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far away from me
    i am
    the two of us
    were never meant to be
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me
    gone fading everything
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far as you can see
    i am
    and happiness and peace of mind
    were never meant for me
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me

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OH-EM-GEE!!1!!ONE!! (This is horrible…)

Posted by yunahalo on April 23, 2007

The WORST THING EVER just happened to me… Ok, maybe not the worst, but it was pretty bad. How about I start from the beginning…
Tally and I have been staying up all night and sleeping during the day. I decided that today would be the day that I stayed up so I could get back on track. Tally still went to sleep, but it’s easier if one of us can stay up and convince the other to goto bed earlier that night. I decided to rearrange my living room, as I hate the way it is now. The very first thing I moved (which is only a laundry basket with clean clothes in it) revealed the BIGGEST, SCARIEST and by far UGLIEST spider I have ever seen in my entire life. I ran to the bedroom to try and get Tally to kill it, but he is beyond gone in his little dream world. In panic, I call my mother’s house in hopes my brother was home, but no answer. Now all I can do is call my mom to see if she knows where he is. Well, he’s about an hour away right now, so I asked where she was. She was doing some shopping for my cousin’s prom. I told her what was happening, and actually asked her to come here and kill it. She told me I gotta squish my own spiders. NO WAY. I’m serious. I was thinking of all the ways I could do it, I mean, I had a broom, but no broom in the world was long enough for this job. I then went looking for something to spray it with. All we have is spray paint and lighter fluid. Yeah, not good options. I was also considering the vacuum, but my mom brought up the fact that the spider would still be alive, and actually IN my vacuum. I was thinking about throwing something, but was scared I’d miss and it’d run away. My mom actually gave the phone to my 11 year old sister so she could convince me that I could do it myself. Ha. At this point I am near an anxiety attack and a tear or two was streaming down my face. She said she’d do it if she were here, but she had no idea on the SIZE of the beast. Then she suggested that I let Momo, my sugar glider, eat it. I was kinda considering it, but that spider was almost as big as him! Then she said to let Poo, my pit bull, get it. Good idea in theory, but I knew Poo would probably mess it up. So now the phone gets handed over to my 14 year old cousin. She also tries to help me build up the courage, but it failed as well. While talking to the girls, I went to look at the hideous beast again to see that he wasn’t where I last saw him! *shrills*… I can’t believe this story is actually true. I AM a hard ass, unless we are talking about spiders. I actually think I have less fear with snakes, the other demon on earth. Oh, and praying mantises too… but that’s really all I am scared of. I think. But anyways… yes, the spider is gone, but I do notice some disgustingly long legs peeping from under a fallen sock. It was him, my flashlight confirmed it. Since he was mostly hidden, I wasn’t as scared of him… I knew then that I could probably take him. I still had my mom on the phone, so I was pumped for this. No prob. I took my first stab with the broom, then second and third… and probably like 30 million stabs later, I was sure he had to be dead. Nope, the monster jumped up and ran under my giant chair thingy. HE IS STILL IN MY HOUSE SOMEWHERE. How can I do anything in that room now? This has got to be the silliest fear, but it’s so real. I HATE this, but what can I do? I guess the living room will have to wait until I have a spider hunter (AKA my sleepy husband) on hand. And that’s why I DIDN’T rearrange my furniture today.

12 Responses to “OH-EM-GEE!!1!!ONE!! (This is horrible…)”

  1. ekkin said

    It must be that spider that killed there the other weekends cousin. I bet he is super pissed that his cousin was murdered and not he is going to kill you in your sleep. Since this is parially my spider-killing self’s fault, I will glady take responsiblity….of mo-mo after you die!!!!!!!


  2. ekkin said

    crap, please add an “I” between the second “that” and “killed”

  3. ekkin said

    oh and “not” should be “now”

    wow I suck

  4. ekkin said

    oh and I miss spelled Partially, fucking idiot

  5. Logan said

    I have a ridiculous fear as well…dead mice. Live ones are fine, but I can’t stand to be in the same room as a dead one. Once my mom put a trap in the hallway and a mouse got caught. After school I waited until ten for her to get home from work to pick it up, I didn’t go to the bathroom the entire time because it was past the trap.

  6. parasol said

    I have slain the beast. Unfortunately, he did no go without a fight… After the third shotgun blast to the face, he removed my left pinky toe with his spider talons.

    Y’know that part in Gears of War when you go against the Corpser? I know where Cliffry B. drew the inspiration from. This spider was the size of a cow. No, wait… Two cows. With a hippo taped to them. And on fire.

  7. AWWWW! I quite like spiders. I got so used to them when I was in India. I’m in my boyfriend’s flat, and he’s at study hall for another few hours. I got shamelessly drunk last night. Blah. I feel like crap, but at least I’ve cleaned out his bathroom and eaten some chocolate coins I bought. How is everything? I is to be missing you, but I don’t even have time to take a decent shit anymore, let alone actually write something funny.

  8. yunahalo said

    YAY! You is alive! šŸ™‚

  9. ekkin said

    Me=bad mood
    Sarah, How’s Cody, haven’t talked to him in a while, Is he still dating that Hilary Duff girl?

  10. yunahalo said

    Yeah, cept I met her and she doesn’t really look like Hilary Duff… just in the myspace pic I guess. He has spent EVERY weekend with her… It’s almost annoying! šŸ™‚

  11. ekkin said

    how cute, high school love!!!

  12. […] something truly amazing…. a must see to believe sort of thing. We all know how I feel about spiders and all, but this one was different. Awesomely different. This little spider had spikes all around […]

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