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    were never meant for me
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me

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Xbox and 360 Custom Controllers… GET HYPED!!

Posted by yunahalo on September 3, 2007

Pics of our controllers by request of bs angel. Enjoy!




LoveHandle V 0.1
This is my husband’s controller. It’s all smeared and disgusting and it just might explode at any moment. Why is there tape on it? Who knows, I think it’s to make it look even more tacky.




Super Deluxe Girl Controller
This is my old controller. I painted it with fingernail polish… talk about time consuming! It was fun, and now it’s all dirty and nasty too. One of the stickers fell off, which pained me. A lot. I like stickers. I think it might smell too. Yes.




360 Girl Controller
Last but not least, my 360 controller. It’s purdy. I like glitter too. Lots of it. OooOoOo. Tally hasn’t painted his 360 controller yet, but he’s going with an original Xbox color scheme. Green and black. Gotta represent.

21 Days, 0 Hours and 1 minute till HALO 3.


6 Responses to “Xbox and 360 Custom Controllers… GET HYPED!!”

  1. bs angel said

    Very nice! Thanks for posting those pics. I was itching to know what you did with all those supplies you listed in your previous comment. I knew it had to be something good. 🙂

    Your controller painted with fingernail polish looks cool! I never would have thought to use that as the medium. How brilliant. Is your second girly controller painted with fingernail polish as well? I love the sparkles/glitter. Of course you knew I would!

    My next project is my Guitar Hero guitar. She will be fabulous. As I can tell from your controllers, you will like it as well. It will be GIRLY.

  2. Cayote said

    Those are neat! I can’t believe I don’t decorate my controllers-One day!

  3. yunahalo said

    Actually, the 360 controller was spray painted pink. The nail polish is the silver parts. If anyone does decide to paint their controllers, please note that it takes about 400 years to dry completely, and sometimes it makes for sticky situations (the start and back buttons almost stick. Stoopid paint. I is only not so smart.) The glitter was applied while the paint was still wet… and there is millions of glitters on there. It also lets me know when someone else has been playing with my controller… it’s that smart. (Actually, I just look around for someone with glitter hands, a pleasurable side effect of my controller.) I need some rhinestones major bad, but paint is good for now. I can’t wait to see your guitar! Pink and glittery, yes?

  4. silvercube said

    oh cool! i just click on the link and it takes me here! nice controllers!
    i love that you love x-files lol! i don’t know many that do, yeah i own all the seasons… ahh it was so sad when the lone gunmen died in season 9 i believe it was- you know they had their own tv show for awhile, and their first episode was about the world trade center- how an airplane was going to crash into the towers- and this was over a year before 9/11 happened! it was so freaky!!

  5. yunahalo said

    I know! I cried when they died… We were pissed off, we almost stopped watching (especially after the whole Mulder dying crap) but we had to keep watching to see what would happen to William (and I cried then too)! I’ve never watched their spinoff, but heard it got canceled… like bad canceled… *sigh*… Yeah. And the whole ending to X Files really sucked. :o( But all in all, we STILL watch it all the time, when they play old episodes! We are MAJOR dorks, ya know that? :o)

  6. bs angel said

    Pink and blinged, absolutely! I bought all my supplies today. I am kinda nervous, this is a rather large project. Plus, I haven’t worked with spray paint before. And I don’t want to break my guitar! Aaahhhh!

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