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Locations of ALL 13 Skulls in Halo 3!

Posted by yunahalo on September 28, 2007

Finally! I’ve been searching everywhere for all 13 skulls, but most sites only have 12! Click this AWESOME site to find out about the IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) Skull! Hayabusa armor, here I come!

**Edited to add individual links to each skull**

Gold Skulls:

  1. Iron Skull
  2. Black Eye Skull
  3. Tough Luck Skull
  4. Catch Skull
  5. Fog Skull
  6. Famine Skull
  7. Thunderstorm Skull
  8. Tilt Skull
  9. Mythic Skull

Silver Skulls:

  1. Blind Skull
  2. Grunt Birthday Party Skull
  3. Cowbell Skull
  4. IWHBYD Skull

Happy Skull hunting! & Kudos to those who can find them on their own!


51 Responses to “Locations of ALL 13 Skulls in Halo 3!”

  1. ekkin said

    I was reading about the skulls, and they don’t seem to be a GOOD thing. Making your enemies throw stuff at you, make them more aggressive, you lose your motion sensor?? Why would you want these things? Even though the Grunt Birthday Party Skull sounds awesome. Have you made anyone explode into confetti yet? And is it freaking sounding children that cheer?

    • A_random said

      That’s the whole fun of it Ekkin. It gives you a challenge rather than just different difficulties. But it is fun with more challenges

  2. unknown said

    Errm there are better things also the cool armor you get for xboxlive.
    Also the thrill of finding them =) with or without knowing where the excact location.

  3. unknown said

    o if you need the locations well google it lol I hate saying that.

  4. yunahalo said

    Yes Nikke, the Grunt Birthday Party Skull is AWESOME. The kids say ‘YAY!’ and it’s the same sound from Viva Pinata when a pinata gets broken. The other skulls sound bad, but you can turn them on and off, and if they are on, you get more points at the end, which is good. Unknown, I have no idea what you are saying, maybe it just doesn’t make sense to me? (but I’m assuming it’s not just me)

  5. vash 5th moon said

    how do u get the grunt bday skull

  6. yunahalo said

    Click on the link and it has it there, or just click here:

  7. sara said

    yes the head shot grunt is fun and the skulls are usable because they can be used to multiply your score so you can get the score achievements easier

  8. Skip said

    There is a Catch Skull glitch out there. I have it. No matter what I do the skull will not spawn. If this happens to you just find / meet / pay someone who can get it to host a game on their xbox and invite you. I got it the first try that way. And for you nonbelievers out there, you can see the skull on the silo as soon as the door opens with the BR scope. Forget killing anything. If it’s not there when the door opens, you have the glitch too. Good luck!

  9. bs angel said

    I only have 3 so far! I’ll get there. : )

  10. Anonymous said

    ive done the first mission,several times on dif modes,the scull is never there,realy anoying,ne ideas

    • A_random said

      do it on normal difficulty nd start from the start. Also watch this on youtube “h3skull” it tells u wher they r

  11. idk said

    hey for some reason the iron skull wont show up its da only 1 ihave left and it wont appear help plz

  12. yunahalo said

    Idk, I’ll have my husband consult you later on this skull, as he is the one that actually obtained it while we played co-op.

  13. Bobby Sauer said

    um… the catch skull wont appear do u have any advise?

  14. Bobby Sauer said

    o and i only need that 1 to get hayabusa i hot the other 12

  15. Bobby Sauer said

    plz reply asap i pozotive im at the right tower it gust wont apear and i didnt kill the wraiths even the AA idk… can any 1 help me out?

  16. shaun said

    have u don it on normal from start?

  17. shaun said

    can som1 help me nomatta wot i do (glitches included0 i cant get used car deala achiement. on tha ark with tha prowlers i cant kill them in 1 shot with rocket launcher wen thars at least three in there i cant do that turret thing cause it just dusint work i just need that to get all scout stuff. its really easy to get tha body u just go on .the covnent. from tha start and dont use tha spart. lazer get to that bit where theres a crashed hornet in tha water and look up there should be lotz of banshee fliin around shoot 1 down with tha spartaan lazer and you got 2 close to tha sun.

  18. dfgsdfgsdfg said

    ive picked up the blind skull but nothing happens…
    i get no achievement or anything

  19. BlackJack said


  20. Flairmonkey said

    The Catch skull won’t appear!!!!!! I hope i don’t have to go on X-box live or somthing becuase i’m not to sure that a Taiwanese x-box 360 can go on american servers

  21. Ok If knowbody knows the exact locations of the skull, go to, and type in all halo 3 skull, or go to and type in the same thing. Click on one of the websites/videos and watch/read. There’s actually 14 skulls in the game. A skull know one knows what it does, Bungie hasn’t announced anything on what it does, but some people have found it and so have I. I’ll soon have X.B.L. and then a gamertag, so if anyone needs help just E-mail me at and I’ll help out.

    The catch skull is the hardest to get no matter how easy it seems. All you need to do to get it, is beat the game on normal, grabbing as many skulls as you can along the way, and then start The Storm level on normal, and get to the silo, use the transport warthog and position it so that you can jump onto the top of the silo. Take out the ghosts if you want but leave the AA wraith and regular wraith alone. Once on top of the Silo the skull should appear soon after.

    As for people like “dfgsdfgsdfg” with the problem of pciking up the skull but not getting an achievment, it doesn’t say but you do un-lock the skull.

    Help on the IWHBYD skull. Start level “The Covenant” on normal, and once at the end when your about to kill the Prophet the skull is in this area. Go to the Prophet, Kill him, and clear out the flood back to the elevator. DO NOT LEAVE!, if you do you will have to start the level all over again, because you finished it. Now. Once you’ve made sure you’ve killed all the flood from the Prophet to the Elevator mentally number the rings in order from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 1 Being near the elevator and 7 the nearest the Prophet. Only ONE PERSON MAY DO THIS, OR ELSE IT MESSES UP. Beleive me, I’ve tried.. Doesn’t work : |.. Ok. Now jump through the rings in this order. 4 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 5 – 3 – 4. If done correctly, the rings should blink, if done wrongly the rings will not do anything. Try it again or look around to see if there’s any other flood lingering about. Once you’ve jumped correctly through the rings, go back to the energy bridge and the skull should be right at the edge. Pick it up and your done.

    Need help?
    E-mail at

  22. Anonymous said

    well ok i have beaten the game on every diffculty and still cant get the dang catch skull its sort of makeing me made i got all skull besdies that 1 and all armours besides bungie only armour please help

  23. wesley said

    ok oh yah i have heard 1 thing with the iwhbyd skull somtimes u have to finsh the level instead quiting as soon as u get it =]

  24. wesley said

    okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk now listin to get the catch skull before u open door get in the wart hog well just move the dirver open door ok now run out there!!!kill ghosts ,aa wraith then get a bubble sheild thorw it by the skull building then dirve warthog by it then……jump on up there kill the wraiths gunner from there AND THERE U GO!!!!!!!=)

  25. bishop said

    ive just recently seen some1 wit a sameri soward on there back (but not the 1 in the game) dose any one know what it is im at

  26. Anonymous said

    you need to get all the sculls, it is just armour you cant ever use it. I know cos iv got it

  27. Anonymous said

    To those of you having trouble finding some of the skulls, to get them on a level you have completed you must start from the beginning of the level. You can’t start at a preset I don’t think, correct me if I’m wrong however. Thx

  28. dfgdaf said

    I was searching for websites that tell me how to find skulls in halo3 and I popped in this place and its just crap only comments i mean what’a hell

  29. TwoBodiesInOneGrave said

    If anyone is having trouble grenade jumping for the Famine or other hard to reach Sculls try using a Deployable cover as a ladder. They’re easy to find in any level and once deployed properly they can be jumped on first to reach high places. – If this has be written before I apologize.

  30. some dude said

    were the fuck are the 13 skullz

  31. Gettykins said

    umm.. dudes? if u wanna no where the skulls are then look at the stupid list.. dont leave a comment demanding to be told and cussing someone out.. its stupid and annoying and takes up waaay too much space… which im kinda doing as well..

  32. Anonymous said

    i lost all my skulls

  33. Anonymous said

  34. skull searcher said

    arrrrrrrrgggggg damn silver skulls i got the blind 1 but what happens when i get it and i can’t ve botherd get the silver ones i got all the gold ones but the silver ones r just driving me crazy( sorta ) so plz tell me how to unlock the silver skulls

  35. skull searcher said

    and the “covenant” one with the rings that one is just confusing if u get what i mean and i mean confusing!!!!! we will all eventually find all the skullz trust me

  36. Spoonerman74 said

    I found all the skulls but i cant get 2. i know where they all are and i even now where to find cave man monkeys on the first level (there by a sniper on a rock ledge to your left a little further in to the beggining), anayways i cant get the catch skull ause i have the glitch and i cant get the cow bell because i always screw up on putting the gravity lift in the right spot.

  37. Spoonerman74 said

    the first silver skull is on the first level. when you see the gold brute on the rock kill him and then head all the way to your right keep going that way and phantoms will come. wait for them to leave kill the guys at the first drop off then head right to a ledge jump down to the rock beneath it and the first silver skull is there.

    the second silver skull is the grunt birthday party wtch can be found in the level where you set off the big bomb. here is a pipe walk throguh and jump down to me the arbritor but dont jump down to him when you get to the edge. look donw and you will see a very small spot of green, that is acctualy an arrow pointing in. jump down and hug the wall stay right on and keep trying to go into it when you hit the green arrow you will go into the little den were the skull will be against the back wall in the middle on a platform.

    the third silver skull is the cowbell. located on the ark level. when you battle and kill the scarab you should go to the center where there is a little building that has a rmp to the top. inside there there there should be a chopper and in the middle level of that bilding are boxes go to the one on your right and there are a crud load of gravity lifts. take one now go up to where you meet arbitor when he gets dropped off by the pelican. go inside. when you get down to a sorte stair way a little ways into the building there will be a door/open wall thing you have to walk under (witch usually you would do when playing the game) but befor you do look up to the top. there are 5 steps the top one has the skull. use the gravity lift to reach it. ut it in the middle of the stairs/ramp thing you walk on and jump over the gravity lift and into the 5th stair. there is the birthday grunt silver skull.

    the forth but not last silver skull is the IWHBYD skull (I Would Have Been Your Daddy skull). its found on the level th covenent at the end where the rings are kill the flood and the truth guy and then hop through the rings in this order 4,6,5,4,5,3,4 make sure you dont touch the rings when you jump through them and dont jump through them from the back eather always from the front then they will all light up and shoot down to the end where the bridge to the thruth guy was go to the little bridge and in the middle the skull should a ppear and there you go. ( the 1 ring starts at the entrance and the seventh ring is at the back).

  38. skull searcher said

    well “dude” um, datz a problem cuz we don’t kno put the grav lift in cow boy skull but thanks anyway

  39. sorry

  40. Fx15 said

    La jiao shou shen sorry ?

  41. s3an said

    lol i got all skulls eney one ned help email me at

  42. help said

    umm how long do u have to hold onto the skulls for before the achievement registers as complete???

  43. plz help said

    i know where the iron skull is but it isnt there if u know wat i mean (i know the location but skull is not appearing plz help)

  44. Anonymous said

    I can’t get the catch skull no matter what I do because it’s not there when I’m on my profile

  45. anoymous9 said

    what happens to the skull at the end of the level? can you hold more than two skulls

  46. I’ll have my husband consult you later on this skull, as he is the one that actually obtained it while we played blog

  47. crsplace said

    hey for some reason the iron skull wont show up its da only 1 ihave left and it wont appear help plz

  48. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I have found something that helped me. Thank you!

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