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    "Everyone who is famous sucked a dick to get where they are today. The only difference between us and them? We swallowed it!"
    -Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence

    breeze still carries the sound
    maybe i'll disappear
    tracks will fade in the snow
    you won't find me here

    ice is starting to form
    ending what had begun
    i am locked in my head
    with what i've done
    i know you tried to rescue me
    didn't let anyone get in
    left with a trace of all that was
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far away from me
    i am
    the two of us
    were never meant to be
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me
    gone fading everything
    and all that could have been

    take this
    and run far away
    far as you can see
    i am
    and happiness and peace of mind
    were never meant for me
    all these
    and promises and left behinds
    if only i could see
    in my
    you meant everything
    everything to me

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So I broke 200,000 page views…

Posted by yunahalo on September 23, 2008

Somehow… and I KNOW everyone misses me. I just know it. I need to stop being gay and start writing again… and stop posting random updates every few months. With that being said, here’s a random update. Yay. It’s sort of like updates for my last post of updates… I guess.

1. My cousin is now due in November.
2. Momo and Chibi have gone on to get pregnant 2 more times since last time and Chibi is pregnant again right now! Those will make glider grand-babies 6 and 7… They enjoy making babies.
3. My niece is now 8 and a half months old and my sister-in-law is almost 3 months pregnant with #2.
(Notice a theme here?)
4. I don’t have a job anymore.
5. STILL no babies for ME… but I did finally ovulate on my own and had my first period in over 17 months (don’t you LOVE it when I talk about this kind of stuff? I sure do.)
6. I only made ONE purse, then didn’t make any more. It was suppose to be a fun thing for me, but I decided I was too lazy to do it again… I’ve become uninterested in everything, but plan on changing that soon.
7. I’m not crazy anymore, don’t really know what happened there…
8. I never finished the kitchen… it’s part of that whole lazy thing.
9. Gotta eat meat again. All that soy was bad for my reproductive parts… go figure.
10. Still married. ❤
11. Magpul, blah… on my part anyways!
12. No one likes to sign up for Neopets, but whatever, it’s your loss!

I also hate hurricanes, they take my lights away. I’ll start writing again, as I sorta get myself in trouble on other sites because I’m mean and all that crap. If I write my rants here, then I’m less likely to get reported and blocked… because I can’t block myself here. Yay for personal blogs that I chose to make public to the world because for some reason people find this crap interesting. Now I must go and find something to criticize.


One Response to “So I broke 200,000 page views…”

  1. Ally said

    I know I will come off as weird but…

    I have been reading your blog for about 4 or 5 months now and I find it very interesting. I also confess to spending more time on watching that cat hurl and eat it’s own regurgitated food over and over than I do with school work.

    I just got very, very bored and decided to let you know of my lurking presence.

    You’re glider is adorable.

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